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At Covenant Chrisitan School, we are proud to offer our students a Christ-centered education that not only grows them academically but fosters their faith and encourages them to live a life dedicated to the call.  CCS has been a part of the community since 1998, starting humbly in Grace Christian Church right of US-10 in Ludington, MI.  From there it grew itself into a semi-permanent facility on Stiles road and remained there until 2004.  At that point, Grace Christian Church approached the school and offered their property, in hopes of the school fulfilling their goal of a permanent facility.  So, in 2004, after many long hours of work, the (permanent) doors of Covenant Christian School were opened. 


We now are back where we started in 1998 and continue to grow in numbers each year.  CCS is proud to be a part of such a grand calling and feel honored to have a place in this community.

enrollment process

To be considered for admissions to Covenant Christian School (CCS), a family must:


  • Recognize, accept and encourage the Covenant Christian School's emphasis on Christ-centered education.

  • Submit a completed 'NEW Student Application' to Covenant Christian School.

  • Participate in an enrollment interview with the school's administration

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